2014 Budget and the Pension Revolution

We find most clients recognise how tax efficient pension contributions can be for them and their businesses BUT. Yes, there is always the buts – When can I draw my cash? How much can I draw? What if I don’t … Continue reading

Want to be better off in retirement? Don’t get divorced!

A study by the Prudential has found people entering retirement that have been divorced are, on average, £2,600 worse off than those that have avoided a marriage break up. Typically they are 16% worse off (financially, anyway!). Given that nearly … Continue reading

Pension auto-enrolment: It is here – are you ready and will it make a difference?

Auto-enrolment starts 1 October 2012 From 1 October, those firms with 120,000 or more staff must enroll automatically all eligible employees into a qualifying pension and pay a minimum contribution into the fund. Delayed start for smaller firms In response … Continue reading

Small firms get two year pensions reprieve

The dates from which smaller companies will start having to automatically sign employees up for company pension schemes has moved again. In a ministerial statement on 25 January, Department for Work and Pensions minister Steve Webb announced that while the automatic enrolment … Continue reading