Online is the place for sales growth but how do you find it?

UK online companies have increased sales six times as fast in the past three years as those based purely offline, according to a new report by the Boston Consulting Group and 23 per cent of retail sales on these shores … Continue reading

Do you follow your competitors on social media?

Do you follow your competitors on social media? No? There is a lot you can gain from monitoring your competitors’ social media activity. Make your content more interesting and relevant Your competition might have more resource than you to put … Continue reading

Will Google’s changes to its search engine make a difference to your business?

“Google’s search engine is to undergo one of it’s biggest overhauls over the next few months, by trying to provide ‘answers’ and not just web links to its users queries.” writes Emma Barnett, Digital Media Editor at The Daily Telegraph. … Continue reading

Apps for Businesses

If you still think apps are just for your son and daughter to play on the mobile phone then maybe these will change your mind? Below are applications that you can use on a daily basis to get more done, manage … Continue reading