Help for credit card borrowers

Don’t understand APR? Can’t work out the true cost of balance transfers and cash advances? Want to know how long it will take to repay off your card debts and how much interest you will pay? Help is now available … Continue reading

Will Catalunya (Or Scotland) lead the way towards Spanish separatism?

As the eurozone muddles through and, for the time being, seems to have dampened talk of a break up or Greek exit despite few signs of economic recovery and, in the case of Spain, France and Cyprus, a worsening economic … Continue reading

Planning a large extension? Be careful, the cost may go up from April

Have you heard of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)? No, not many people have, but it might hit you hard in the pocket if you are planning an extension. CIL is a new planning tax that has been introduced in … Continue reading

Are you eligible for a loan under the National Loan Guarantee Scheme (NLGS)?

The NLGS was launched on 20 March 2012 with the intention of helping businesses access cheaper finance by reducing the cost of bank loans by 1 percentage point on the interest applied to the loan. How this works is that … Continue reading

Barclays small business customers are offered the opportunity to transfer their banking data to their accounts for free

Barclays is offering small businesses customers the possibility to automatically transfer their transaction data from their bank to their accounting system free of charge. FreeAgent has been chosen as the first online accounting software to deliver the automated data feeds … Continue reading

Can Government Bridge the Funding Gap?

Businesses claim their bank isn’t lending whilst banks claim their customers aren’t asking! Either way, it is no secret that the banks are not lending to business. At the same time, the government is pinning a lot of hope on … Continue reading