2014 Budget and the Pension Revolution

We find most clients recognise how tax efficient pension contributions can be for them and their businesses BUT. Yes, there is always the buts – When can I draw my cash? How much can I draw? What if I don’t … Continue reading

RTI and PAYE Penalties

Happy with RTI? Now is the time to make sure you are as from April 2014, HMRC gets tough on those employers who fail to file and pay on time. The penalty regime is introduced in stages as follows: From … Continue reading

Girona – My kind of town

Untitled-4 copy

There is no better way to start this post than with this fabulous video of Girona and the surrounding region, read on to discover why this is my kind of town (it’s actually a city but I wouldn’t want to … Continue reading

Want to be better off in retirement? Don’t get divorced!

A study by the Prudential has found people entering retirement that have been divorced are, on average, £2,600 worse off than those that have avoided a marriage break up. Typically they are 16% worse off (financially, anyway!). Given that nearly … Continue reading

Help for credit card borrowers

Don’t understand APR? Can’t work out the true cost of balance transfers and cash advances? Want to know how long it will take to repay off your card debts and how much interest you will pay? Help is now available … Continue reading

HMRC expect to collect £1bn more from tax evasion in latest spending review

During the June spending review the government announced as part of its cuts that HMRC is expected to save £1bn in departmental and administrative costs for 2015-16. However, it is expected to increase its targets for revenues from tax evasion … Continue reading